9 Simple Tips to Increase Your Sales on Amazon

tips to increase your sales on amazon

Amazon India is the world’s largest e-commerce platform, with millions of consumers visiting every day. Thus, these tips to increase your sales on Amazon would be really effective for a seller.

As an Amazon seller, it is essential that the product being sold be available to relevant customers, and sellers should take the effort to advertise their products for higher exposure from time to time and use some tips to increase their sales on Amazon.

Perhaps most importantly for a retailer to remember is that Amazon accounts for approximately half of all ecommerce sales each year. Amazon accounted for 49.1% of all ecommerce sales in 2018, which is more than the next nine top ecommerce platforms combined. 

Remember this: Your product has to be visible to the “target audience” or “niche audience,” thus you should understand how to sell to both niche and repeat buyers.

This means that figuring out how to improve sales on Amazon should be a top priority for retailers going ahead. These 6 easy steps in the following guide can help you increase your Amazon sales.

Tips to Increase Your Sales on Amazon

  1. Use your brand as a Resource 

If you want to grow your Amazon sales, you’ll need to set yourself out from the competition, raise product awareness, and attract your ideal clients. Using yourself and your brand as a resource is one method to achieve this.

Here are five steps to transforming your website into a reliable resource:

  • Step 1: Consider the value you can provide others. Evaluate what expertise you have about your product and industry that your customers might find useful.
  • Step 2: Create a space where you can share and publicize that value. Create a blog on your website and begin publishing weekly blog entries to share your knowledge.
  • Step 3: Begin redirecting traffic to your newly created content. Try running Facebook advertising, targeting helpful keywords, and sharing your content on any other social media platforms your users commonly use to improve the number of people who view the blog posts you write.
  • Step 4: Collect email addresses and use email marketing campaigns to nurture leads. Make it easy for users to enter their email addresses before or after reading your blog entries by providing tools and incentives.
  • Step 5: In each blog post or email, include a compelling call to action. By developing appealing statements about why and how people should discover you on Amazon, you may guide readers to your product listings and brand page.
  1. Reviews – the more the merrier 

Getting a lot of positive comments from your customers and making those reviews visible to future buyers is a great method to enhance brand trust and, as a result, Amazon sales. You’ll need a plan for attracting more consumers to post genuine and useful reviews on your product listing pages to accomplish this.

If you try and influence the tone of the review too much, it will come out as dishonest.

Here are some ideas for getting customers to leave reviews:

  • Customers should be contacted via email. Following up through email after you’ve received notification that your product has been delivered to its intended recipient, ask if they’d be prepared to write a review regarding your product.
  • Include a message with your products in the packaging you send them in. You may also put a handwritten letter in your package thanking customers for their business and asking them to leave a review on Amazon’s listing page for your product.
  • Use social media to remind people. Invite your social media followers to leave reviews on Amazon now and then. Offer no incentives; instead, explain why reviews are important and why you’re getting help.
  1. Consider Launching a Sponsored Products Campaign

If you’re prepared to pay to play on Amazon, as with many other channels, you’ll have a better chance of succeeding. Creating Sponsored Products advertising on Amazon may help your company stand out from the crowd. 

The following is how it works:

  • You select the products you want to promote, the amount you want to pay per click on each ad, and any keywords you wish to associate with your product.
  • Amazon will produce advertisements that display in high-traffic areas such as the first page of a shopper’s search results or the bottom of a product description page.
  1. Search Optimization 

Getting your products to rank towards the top of a shopper’s search results might give you a big advantage over the competition. Consequently, learning how to optimize your product listings for Amazon’s search engine is essential to enhancing your Amazon sales.

Start upgrading some of your product listings with relevant keywords and SEO features once you’ve spent some time studying Amazon search optimization. Make a note of how things are going before making any changes; you’ll want to be able to track your progress and success as you go.

  1. Create a One-of-a-Kind Purchasing Experience

Creating a wonderful shopping experience for your customers on Amazon, like with other selling channels, is a method to stand out from the competition. While there is no one-size-fits-all formula for creating a winning shopping experience, there are a few things you can do to help promote your brand and encourage people to buy from you rather than a competitor. If you are selling items under the category of fashion or accessories then try to produce trendy items, that attracts buyers a lot as well.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Be open and honest with your customers regarding the quality of your products, how they were developed or manufactured, your shipping and return policies, and so on. Assist your customers in feeling as if they know and trust you as a company.
  • Write your experience: Help others in understanding who you are and why your company exists. To establish trust and enthusiasm with your target audience, tell stories about your goods, your partners, the production process, your employees, and so on.
  • Personalized communication: Using social media to engage with customers, sending personalized email follow-ups, and even delivering handwritten thank you letters in shipments may help you stand out from the competition and develop positive relationships with customers.
  1. Approach Influencers 

When consumers are researching a product, they frequently turn to reputable sources for reviews, such as social media influencers, industry experts, and even celebrities who have used the product. In one study of a large sample of customers, 49% claimed they rely on suggestions and guidance from influencers when making purchasing decisions. Connecting with and leveraging the support of well-known influencers in your industry is another wonderful strategy to enhance your Amazon sales.

One of these three methods may be used by every business owner to engage with relevant influencers:

  • Through the Amazon Associates or Amazon Influencer Programs, you may work with influencers.
  • Influencers can be approached on a variety of social media platforms.
  • You may handpick influencers and email them directly, offering to pay them to create and share sponsored content about your products.
  1. Write Product Descriptions That Sell

People may be browsing your listing pages but not making a purchase because your copywriting and language aren’t appealing enough to persuade them to take action. Small changes to your product descriptions may have a big influence on the number of shoppers who become customers and, as a result, your Amazon sales.

  • Don’t make too many changes at once. Start small by experimenting with different words in the headings and body of your product descriptions, but don’t entirely change them. It’s possible that doing so will have the opposite effect on your sales.
  1. Use Leverage Video to Your Advantage

It’s essential to contact customers through a variety of channels and mediums, in addition to various channels. Adding video content to your written content, for example, is a wonderful strategy to boost Amazon sales. When you utilize video properly, you can make your business stand out, develop a more personal relationship with customers, and improve sales. According to one study of ecommerce sellers, using product videos improved sales by 144%.

Finally, the greatest strategy to increase Amazon sales is to figure out which of your products performs the best and focus on them. If you’re having trouble gaining traction, consider decreasing the number of products you’re selling and developing a more targeted marketing strategy for just a few of them. If you start seeing the kinds of numbers you want after putting your plan into action, you may gradually add additional elements and build new methods based on what you’ve learned.

So, if you’re an Amazon seller who hasn’t used any of the aforementioned advertising strategies, you could be missing out on some sales. It is inadequate to just build or be involved in the business; rather, the business must promote, sell, and replenish inventory.

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