10 Quick and Easy Fashion Tips to Look Taller

fashion tips to look taller

Don’t get us wrong, we’re all about body positivity here, so don’t take that headline about dressing to seem taller the wrong way. We love our bodies just as they are! However, because we’re just human, we occasionally fantasize about things we can’t have. Specifically, a couple more inches of height. So here we have compiled a short list of super easy and quick fashion tips to look taller.

If you’re anything like us, your height is a love-hate relationship. Your small frame makes you extra-squeezable on some days, which helps you in several ways. On other days, you just want to channel Karlie Kloss in a mini and pumps—a look that might be tricky to pull off if you’re not 6’2′′.

If you’re feeling the same way, you’re not alone—we’ve been wanting length recently. We’ve turned to creativity—in the form of fashion, as usual—because there is no way to add (vertical) inches overnight.

Fashion Tips to Look Taller

  1. Flared Pants
flared pants to look taller

If you don’t mind the flare, search for straight-leg jeans with a flare around the leg instead of straight-leg jeans. This attracts emphasis to your lower half and lengthens your legs.

While some people believe that cropped pants might make legs appear longer, Fashion experts advise avoiding flared trousers. A  cropped flare draws your eye out and shortens your length. 

This guideline, however, does not apply to all cropped options.  If you’re going to wear cropped pants, make it straight, preferring instead a high-waisted trouser that cuts off at the ankle but has a straight leg.

  1. Super-tall or Super-short Boots
boots to look taller

It’s critical to keep track of where your boots land on your leg. Anything that reaches your mid-calf cuts your leg. As a result, it’s preferable to wear shoes that end at your ankles. Over-the-knee boots are also a winner since they always make you appear taller.

Wearing a skin-tight boot is one trick. Like a sock boot or anything that zips at the ankle to create a difference between your foot and your ankle.

  1. Mini skirts or Maxi skirts 
mini skirt to look taller

The idea is to stay away from anything mid-length. You’ll appear shorter if you wear a skirt that hits between the knee and the ankle. Before you get to the floor, it’ll cut you off.

  1. Monochromatic Outfit 
tips to look taller

Monochrome clothing gives a unified aesthetic that draws attention up and down the leg. The result: legs for days! Wearing one single colour and accessorizing it the right way and make you look fabulous.

We’ll be using this tip regularly—monochromatic outfits are so in right now, and they’re nearly impossible to mess up.

  1. High-waisted Jeans
High waisted jeans to Look Taller

High-waisted jeans are fantastic for several reasons, one of which is their ability to make anyone appear taller. They strike you around the waist, which is the smallest part of your stomach. To put it another way? It’s very flattering.

And there’s nothing better than a pair of attractive jeans, except for the fact that you probably already own 12 pairs, so this suggestion is a no-brainer!

  1. V-shaped Neckline 
v neckline to look taller

V-shaped necklines make the body appear longer. Longer equals taller, and taller equals more goals. That math is indisputable! V-necks are also a quick and easy way to add the illusion of height to your clothing. You almost certainly have more than you can count.

  1. Do not wear Capris 
do not wear capris to look taller

When we warned you to keep an eye on your boots, we hinted at the fact that anything that cuts off your leg at the calf makes you look much shorter than you are. In this case, the Capri-length jumpsuit (although adorable) isn’t doing us any favors when it comes to height. 

  1. Neutral or Transparent Heels
Transparent heels to look taller

Imagine this: if your shoes are the same color as your skin, they will blend in. As a result, your legs look even longer, especially if you’re wearing heels.

This is another of our favorite tips and one that we use regularly.

  1. Tuck in your Shirt
tuck in your shirt to look taller

If you want to give the impression of height, avoid baggy, boxy, or large clothing. Do you know how large prints tend to make you look reduced in size? Big silhouettes work as well. So, people, when it comes to cut, we’re going for tailored.

If you’re against the tuck, we completely understand—it may be uncomfortable at times. If you don’t want to go for the prim and proper appearance, skip this one and go for a French tuck instead.

  1. Go for micro prints
Mini prints to look taller

Even teeny-tiny designs may make a great impact, especially if you’re petite. Micro prints, on the other hand, tend to maximize, whereas large prints tend to diminish.

These tiny prints can sometimes hit you in the wrong areas, making sections of your body appear broader than they should be. If that’s the case, try one of the other suggestions on the list instead.

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