The New Tinder Blind Date Feature Wants you to Look Beyond Appearance

Tinder, the world’s most popular app for meeting new people, was first released on a college campus in 2012. Tinder has now come up with a very exciting ‘Blind Date’ feature which doesn’t let you judge a book by just its cover. Tinder is the most popular non-gaming app in the world, with over 190 countries and 40 languages to choose from. It has been downloaded over 430 million times and has resulted in over 60 billion matches.

Tinder blind date feature

Tinder is introducing a new “Blind Date” feature for you to get your perfect date for Valentine’s Day. This feature differs from the dating app’s normal left or right swipe in that you must first talk with other users before seeing how they look.

It is available in Explore, Fast Chat: Blind Date is a new social experience that pairs users before allowing them to view each other’s profiles, making the first impression based on conversation rather than pictures.

Blind Date is the newest addition to Tinder’s renowned Fast Chat features, which are all designed to help members connect faster by using creative suggestions and activities. After conversing, members will only be allowed to see each other’s profiles and images if they both decide to match.

Blind Date is a low-pressure way for today’s daters to put their personality first and find a match they truly vibe with, inspired by the original way to meet someone new, generally at the hands of a nosy aunt or well-meaning friend.

Tinder blind date feature

The experience mirrors Gen Z’s modern dating habits, which place a high value on authenticity, while also engaging into their nostalgia for the 1990s with a reference to dating before smartphones. Members who utilized the Blind Date option made 40% more matches in early testing than those who used another Fast Chat feature with profiles displayed, indicating daters’ willingness to converse – and eventually match – with someone they might have overlooked in another situation. 

Tinder Blind Date Feature – How Does it Work?

Users will be paired based on what they have in common, answer prompts, and play games as part of the feature. If both users agree to match, they will be allowed to see each other’s images for the first time. 

This is how it works. Members will be paired with one another based on commonalities after answering a brief series of icebreaker questions. They’ll then enter a timed conversation, with no information about the person on the other side of the computer other than their responses to multiple-choice questions like “It’s OK to wear a shirt _____ times without washing it” and “I put ketchup on _____.” When the timer expires, they can choose to Like the other’s profile, which will be exposed if a match happens, or they can choose to be paired with someone fresh.

Blind date

“We’ve all seen the mix of anticipation and excitement going on a blind date brought some of our favorite movie or TV characters, and we wanted to recreate that experience for today’s generation with the Blind Date feature,” said Kyle Miller, VP of Product Innovation at Tinder. “There’s something really special about letting conversation introduce someone’s personality, without the preconceptions that can be made from photos. The new Blind Date experience brings a surprisingly fun, banter-based way to interact and create connections that’s all new to Tinder.”

Tinder launches the new blind date feature

Blind Date is available in Explore, Tinder’s new interactive zone. Explore gives members the ability to explore profiles grouped by interest and offers them new opportunities to connect with a growing list of shared social experiences, such as Hot Takes, Vibes, Swipe Night, Music Mode, and now Blind Date, similar to our IRL preferences in where we go to meet someone new. Go try out the new and exciting feature right now!

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