Top 10 Great Conversation Starters

Top 10 Good Conversation Starters

Good conversation starters immediately put people at ease. All good conversations begin when people are at ease and relaxed. It takes the ability to start a discussion like that, and you can learn it.

The most difficult part of any conversation is usually getting started. The conversation normally flows after the first few sentences. However, how do you begin the conversation? What are good conversation starters?

Find a topic that the person you’re talking to is interested in. That means they’ll want to respond to you, and the discussion will begin to flow. Questions work well for this, as long as you don’t come across as an interrogator.

Good Conversation Starters

Top 10 Good Conversation Starters
  1. Work Culture and Entrepreneurship

Everyone has a side hustle of some sort or knows someone who does, talking about it can be a good conversation starter. Of course, you might directly ask:

  • Are there any projects you’re working on outside of work?
  • Do you believe the four-day workweek is the way of the future?
  • Has your organization adopted a hybrid approach to working?
  • How? What advice do you give to aspiring managers?
  • What can our company do to promote anti-racism more effectively?
  1. Ask their Opinion on Something 

Ask about their thoughts on something light, such as the wine you’re sipping along. It will appear that you are interested in them, but not that you are passing judgment on them. As a reason, stay away from sensitive topics like religion and politics.

If you discover they have a favorite subject, flood them with questions about it. People enjoy talking, especially about themselves. If you give them the opportunity to do so, you’ll have a lot easier time of it – and still, come across as a great conversationalist.

  1. Philosophy 

Meditation and yoga, which originated in the East, have become more popular in the West. There’s a strong possibility your conversation partner does one on a regular basis, and if they don’t, there’s a good reason for that. Are you curious about how eastern methods might be applied to modern life? Robin S. Sharma’s novel The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari delves into this topic.   The rituals of solitude, or taking a time of silence in your daily routine, and the ritual of abundant knowledge, or making learning a priority throughout your life by reading or studying, are two instances.

  • Have you adopted any rituals in your life? 
  • Which have been the most transformative? 
  • Which new rituals would you consider adopting? 
  • What’s the most sacred moment of your daily routine?
  1. Compliment them 

Compliment them on their appearance or outfit. Everyone enjoys being admired. Also, when they tell you where they purchased a piece of clothing or that they recently got their hair cut, you have something else to talk about and you’re flying!

Complimenting can be a good conversation starter.Then ask as to why they appreciate the place where the clothing you admired was bought, as well as where else they like to shop. It might even lead to a second meeting where you can go shopping with them.

  1. Cryptocurrency 

Cryptocurrency is a divisive subject and a great conversation starter: you either love it, despise it, or don’t understand how it works. Discover the stories behind the currencies making news, the technology that supports it all, and what the rise of crypto means for the future of money by diving into explainers for titles like Cryptoassets, Blockchain Revolution, and The Age of Cryptocurrency.

  • Have you ever invested in cryptocurrencies, or would you consider doing so in the future?
  • Did you know that cryptocurrency has the potential to provide underdeveloped countries economic freedom?
  • Do you believe that crypto should be recognized as legal tender by countries?
  • How do you keep up with crypto news?
  • Do you have any investment advice for me?

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