Under 18 Interesting PC Games for Kids

Best Under 18 PC Games for Kids

With each passing year, the notion that video games are under 18 and only for kids becomes more and more alien. Today’s biggest hits are mature, not only in terms of the amount of violence they include but also in terms of their attempts to address serious issues. Whether or not they succeed is debatable, but they are trying. These games have repeatedly demonstrated that there is a genuine adult gaming audience. However, we must never forget that the under 18 players are an important part of the video game community. After all, so many of us fell in love with video games during our childhoods. 

There’s a long history of bad games aimed solely at making a quick profit off of parents who don’t know any better. That’s why highlighting the truly best PC games for kids is so important: The finest of what this medium has to offer should be available to the youngest under 18 players.

The best under 18 kids’ video games on current platforms, from mobile phones to hot, new consoles, are included here.

6 Under 18 PC Games for Kids 

  1. Cuphead 

Cuphead’s hand-drawn 1930s cartoon images captivate any child who sees them. Granted, the under 18 gamers will be shocked when they realize how difficult this run-and-gun sidescroller is. Adult gamers grew up with challenging games as well, but they didn’t look nearly as nice as this.

For age 10 and above 

Cuphead on Steam
  1. Five Nights at Freddy’s 

The Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise is known for helping several screeching YouTubers establish their careers. Still, the creativity of converting mechanical Chuck E. Cheese animal mascots into monsters for a kid-friendly horror game can’t be denied. From watching security cameras to shoving your hand in a creature’s mouth, Help Wanted provides you with a range of terrifying tasks to accomplish in the perpetually haunted pizza parlor.

If you never want to sleep again, you can even play in virtual reality.

For anyone Under 18 

Five Nights at Freddy
  1. Fortnite 

Any under 18 young person who has even a small grasp of video games has undoubtedly played plenty of Fortnite matches. This free battle royale game isn’t just the most popular in gaming; it’s also the most popular in culture. What other game has inspired as many memes, crossovers and, dances with such well-known brands as Marvel and Star Wars? Ultimately, we will all descend from the battle bus.

For anyone Under 18 

  1. Forza Horizon 4

The main Forza games are realistic, highly technical racing games that car experts enjoy but may find boring for casual drivers. Fortunately, every other year or so, we get a Forza Horizon game, which is a much more friendly arcade experience. In these games, you compete in numerous racing events while driving across huge, stunning maps. The gorgeous English countryside in Forza Horizon 4 changes with the seasons, it is enjoyed very much by the under 18 gamers.

This is actually for Everyone 

Forza Horizon 4
  1. Minecraft 

Minecraft’s persistent appeal among under 18 players makes it easy to forget that the game is nearly a decade old. In that time, this virtual construction sandbox has established itself as a new generation’s Lego. After spending billions on developer Mojang, Microsoft understood they’d be hurting themselves if they limited Minecraft to only one platform. So you can build blocks and outrun Creepers on almost any computer or game console available.

For age 10 and above 

  1. Overwatch 

Overwatch is a team first-person shooter that resembles beautifully strange combat games rather than dull military propaganda. Each of the hero characters has their special abilities, and combining them is the key to a successful strategy. There’s also a lot of diversity on the roster, as well as an overall air of progressive optimism that feels refreshing in comparison to the shooter genre’s deadly nihilism. Just don’t be offended if someone refers to you as a Hanzo main.

For anyone Under 18


Gaming has become more popular than ever among kids, and keeping up with the many different gaming consoles can be difficult! However, if you have access to a computer, you are protected. Many popular video games are now accessible for PCs and Macs, making it simple for the under 18 groups to play the latest and greatest games.

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