For cryptocurrency trading, Kotak Mahindra is teaming up with WazirX.

According to many reports, Kotak has opened an account with WazirX and is completing the appropriate paperwork and test runs. Kotak Mahindra has become India’s first big bank to accept cryptocurrency trading. It has opted to register an account with the WazirX exchange in order to accept and pay money to those who trade on … Read more

Violations of the new crypto rules might result in a fine of Rs 20 Cr. or a jail sentence.

New Delhi, India: At a time when the central government is exploring new legislation to regulate cryptocurrencies, media sources on Tuesday indicated that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government will likely set a deadline for crypto holders to register their assets and comply with any new rules. According to the suggestions, offenders of the new cryptocurrency … Read more

The FBI has recovered $2.3 million in bitcoin linked to the REvil ransomware gang.

US authorities confiscated $2.3 million (about Rs 17 crores) in cryptocurrencies linked to the notorious hacker organisation ReVil. The defendant has been identified as a Russian national suspected of being linked to the ransomware group REvil. REvil ransomware is a file-encrypting malware that encrypts files and deletes ransom requests after infection. The message asks that … Read more

The government is considering setting a deadline for declaring crypto assets.

According to a Bloomberg article citing people familiar with the situation, the central government is considering giving Indian cryptocurrency holders a deadline to declare holdings and comply with upcoming new restrictions. Given that cryptocurrencies can potentially be classed as a financial asset, SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) would apparently be enlisted to oversee … Read more

Following the crypto flash crash, Ethereum holds its footing as Polygon soars.

As the first week of December draws to a close, market sentiment in the cryptocurrency market has turned from greed to extreme anxiety, as the market leader Bitcoin (BTC) fell by 26% over the weekend, contrary to expectations. Etheruem and other big cryptocurrencies have lost more than 20% in response to the BTC price action. … Read more

After a weekend sell-off, the prices of cryptocurrencies have continued to fall.

 Cryptocurrency prices today: Ether fell by more than 4%, while dogecoin fell by more than 6% and Shiba Inu fell by 8%. After a harsh weekend in which the price of the world’s largest and most popular digital token lost nearly a fifth of its value, cryptocurrency prices have plummeted today, with Bitcoin trading below … Read more

As the crypto market plummets, a Bitcoin trader lost $2.5 billion in just 24 hours.

A Bitcoin trader lost at least USD $2.5 billion in a single day as the cryptocurrency market collapsed by 16.5 percent on Saturday. In the early hours of Saturday morning, the mystery trader, who owns 288,000 Bitcoin, experienced massive losses. On Friday, the trader had $16.29 billion in Bitcoin, according to BitInofCharts. The crypto market … Read more

6 Cryptos Gained Up to 5,605 Percent in a Single Day Update on Cryptocurrencies:

On Tuesday, December 6, the global cryptocurrency market resumed its downward trend, bringing forward losses from the weekend as traders shied away from the business because to concerns about the Omicron form of Covid-19. In the face of the new variation threat, investors turned to safety assets like gold rather than risky ones like bitcoin. … Read more

Cryptocurrency worth Rs 899 crore was stolen from BadgerDAO.

On Wednesday, almost $120 million (approximately Rs 899 crore) was stolen from several cryptocurrency wallets on BadgerDAO, a decentralised finance network. BadgerDAO is a DAO that allows Bitcoin to be used as collateral in DeFi applications. Simply, Bitcoin can be used to secure loans. BadgerDAO is based on the Ethereum network and offers vaults for … Read more

The Crypto Asset Bill proposes to prohibit the use of crypto as a medium of exchange.

The crypto bill, which will be introduced in the Parliament’s winter session, aims to create a legislative framework for the rapidly developing crypto market. The Crypto Asset Bill intends to make it illegal to use crypto assets as currency replacements or as remittance payment systems. According to NDTV, the bill also proposes to create a … Read more