Archbishop of Kerala claims that the violence in Manipur was part of a deliberate scheme.

Archbishop of Kerala

According to Mar Joseph Pamplany, the riots in Manipur are the result of a premeditated plot against Christian churches, and it is the duty of the central government to ease the tension and ensure that freedom is respected in the same manner as it has been promised. The Metropolitan Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Tellicherry, … Read more

The initial comments made by Beckham on Messi and Martino’s roles in Inter Miami’s future

Messi and Martino's

David Beckham gives his opinion on the recently appointed head coach of Inter Miami, Tata Martino, as well as the coming of Lionel Messi in the Major League Soccer. David Beckham has commented on a number of recent soccer-related topics, including the new head coach of Inter Miami and Lionel Messi’s move to the Major … Read more

Remains, thought to be those of a human, were found among the wreckage of the Titan sub by the United States Coast Guard.

Titan sub

OceanGate CEO and pilot Stockton Rush was one of the five, along with two members of a renowned Pakistani family—Shazada Dawood and his son Suleman—a British explorer named Hamish Harding, and a French Titanic expert named Paul-Henri Nargeolet. All five were French. The Titan was a submarine that exploded while on a mission to the … Read more

Virat Kohli has opened out on how significant the fact that the ODI World Cup 2023 would be held in India is going to be.

Virat Kohli

When India plays host to the One-Day International World Cup 2023 in October and November of this year, batting stalwart Virat Kohli will be hoping to have a big tournament. Ahead of the main event, King Kohli gives an interview in which he discusses how important it will be for India and its fans to … Read more

Tensions rise in France when a police officer shoots a 17-year-old boy in a suburb of Paris; read on for more details.

police officer shoots

Residents in the area staged a demonstration in front of the police station. Later on Tuesday, tensions grew between police and demonstrators who ignited fires, set a car on fire, destroyed bus terminals and thrown firecrackers at police. Police responded by using tear gas and dispersion grenades to put out the fires and disperse the … Read more

Five people have been taken into custody by the Delhi Police for their involvement in the armed robbery of a delivery agent and an associate in the Pragati Maidan tunnel.

Pragati Maidan tunnel

A video clip that was uploaded to social media and quickly went viral showed four unidentified assailants riding bicycles and brandishing weapons as they reportedly stopped the victims’ car within the tunnel. While one of them opened the door of the vehicle, the other one grabbed a bag containing the money and then ran away … Read more